What is PilotTrain all about?

PilotTrain is your Pilot Prep Centre. We are dedicated to supporting you during your studies. We are not just exam writers, we are a small team who love aviation. If you need a hand with something we are here to help. Chat with us or email, or let’s grab a phone call. If we can’t answer, leave a voicemail and we will call you back. We can’t wait to chat with you about all things aviation.

Small Team of Aviation Experts

We are a small team who curate the exams. We contract instructors from around the country to ensure that the exams are accurate and relevant. We also work for the major textbook brands you know to develop their content. We are also proud of our partnership with Aviation Theory Centre – the benchmark in aviation knowledge. In addition to PilotTrain we have a range of free resources online like our public VFRG – www.vfrg.net.au. We write and update a database of information for your perusal.

Preferred Partner of Aviation Theory Centre

We are proud to be Aviation Theory Centre’s preferred practice examination system. PilotTrain has a deep partnership with ATC. The strongly believe in their mission to create safer and better pilots.

PilotTrain utilises Aviation Theory Centre content in our system for easy feedback and comprehension of diagrams and illustrations.

PrepCentre by PilotTrain

Identified by the unique yellow bar at the top of the screen

After purchasing a PilotTrain digital product youโ€™ll be emailed your PrepCentre access details. PrepCentre is your online learning portal, online day and night. We have spent a lot of time refining the experience for you and continuously update the system to add new features.